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This video needed twerking….I volunteer as a video vixen/professional twerker for K Hip-Hop videos!

This would be a cool and sexy M/V of girls tweets with videos of them doing a sexy dance

Tweet me your mention aka BOOTY CALL!

Me and Yongguk (or Youngjae)

Me & Yongguk (or Youngjae)

Block B comeback next week


Hood Boy Suga the type to fuck with his Jordans still on

Hood Boy Suga the type to laugh when he fucks you so hard you slip off the bed

Hood Boy Suga the type to try and convince you to let him record

Hood Boy Suga the type to scream WORLDSTAR!

Hood Boy Suga the type to fight you if you step on his new kicks

Hood Boy Suga the type to get that new purple candy paint job and leather interior called Cookies N Cream

Hood Boy Suga got her yelling out “Paint Me!”

Hood Boy Suga the type to roll with 20 goons deep


Sometimes I wonder if people actually ship me with DaeHyun because they think we’d actually make a good couple or just shipping because he is my ultimate bias and being nice.

I wonder if people ship me someone else secretly and just won’t tell me, I would like to know (With reason if they have one)

I ship you two b/c I can actually see you as a couple in real life (I want it to happen so badly)


32-35/50 moments when Bang Yon...g....g.....u...k......n.....o..

Lol the third gif though


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