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"Ya’ll better hurry up! I refuse to be late for Easter Mass," Melissa shouted from the master bathroom as she finished clipping on her earrings. The noise of running feet mixed with the rare rustling of clothes echoed throughout the hall behind her.

She sighed as she twirled back and forth in the still foggy mirror, readjusting her bra underneath the tucked in silk blue blouse that accented her golden brown skin, and rising onto pantyhose covered tiptoes to make sure that her floral pencil skirt was in place at the bottom. With one final look in the mirror, she tucked a stubborn ribbon of hair behind her ear before throwing a golden tube of rose pink lipstick, tissues, and whatever else she thought she would need into a royal blue Kate Spade purse. Turning off the bathroom lights, she went to see the progress of her children’s church preparation.

She knocked on a door covered with a poster of a T-rex wearing a feather boa and a princess tiara before entering to see her eldest splayed out on a stuffed animal filled bed reading a national geographic magazine. To Melissa’s annoyance, she was still dressed only in a training bra and underwear. The brand new Easter dress was crumpled at the end of the bed.

"Leah, really, I don’t have time for this. You’re going to wear the dress if you like it or not," she said in the sternest mother tone she could produce. Her hands clenched in anger when she received and eye roll back in return.

"Roll your eyes at me one more time and see what I’ll do"

"It’s not fair!" Screamed the preteen as she threw the book to the floor dark copper Afro flying this way and that, "You-You’re just forcing gender stereotypes on me a-and, and it’s itchy anyway!"

Melissa threw her hands in the air shouting, “Lord give me the strength!”, slamming the door as she exited the room. “And she hasn’t even gotten her period yet. God help me when she does”

She made her way down across the hall to an ajar door filled with half scrapped off collectible animated creatures. The door suddenly flung open and a giggling green and brown blur speed around her, almost knocking her over as the tiny creature clung to her. An identical creature came tumbling after with blue colored appendages. She was able to deflect this one’s attack, pulling blue stained hands closer for inspection.

"Yah! JungHee-ah! What did you get on your hands!?"

Long eyelashes shielded light brown eyes as JungHee mumbled his reply. 

"Child, speak up when you’re spoken too!" 

"I wanted to be the blue Eggamon for Easter," whimpered the 6 year old, tears filling the corners of his oval shaped eyes. "Sorry, mama."

Melissa sucked her teeth and took a deep breath. “It’s okay, JungHee, at least you didn’t get it on your white shirt” stroking hair as she lead him to the bathroom to wash the teary face and blue marker in off. “Nae, Jungie, let’s do this. You can wear your blue suit to church, how’s that sound? It’s blue like that Eggamon, right?”

A bright flash of missing teeth greeted her in response. “Yeah!” yelled the now happy little boy has he jumped off the step stool and raced to change into the Eggamon “suit”. 

"Yah, no running!" but the little blur was already around the corner. She looked down to realizing that the other little creature was still attached to her skirt. Her skipped a beat when she realized something.

"Wait, JungSu, don’t tell me decided to be a Eggamon, too?" closing her eyes in defeat. 

JungSu released his hold on her skirt showing cleans hands. “No, mama, I was just helping Jungie.”

"Thank God!" she exclaimed releasing held breath.

"Mama! You’re not s’ppose to take the Lord’s name in bain!" 

"In vain, honey, and yes, I shouldn’t. Sorry, sweetie."

She lead JungSu out of the bathroom and around the corner to the twins shared room. They found JungHee already dressed in his robin’s egg blue suit, jumping around singing the Eggamon theme song. Melissa went over to re button and re tuck his white shirt. Also retying the bow-tie that threatened to fly off at any time. 

"Mama! Mama!?"

Melissa looked at the bouncing JungSu near her side, “Nae, Suggie?”

"Jungie gets to be Eggamon so-so can I wear my Super Nova Rangers costume?"

"No can do, little man." She went over at the twins’ open closet and pulled out a deep purple children’s suit, "You can always wear this suit Himchan-삼촌 (sahm-chon) bought you."

Suggie gave her an ugly frog face of disgust with a long and exaggerated ”Noooo!”

"Really?" Melissa shrugged to herself, "I think it’s cute."

Another long and exaggerated “Nooo!” ended that, leaving JungSu to wear the grass green blazer and brown trouser set, Melissa dressed him in earlier this morning.

The sound of the townhouse door downstairs, drew her eyes to the large giraffe clock hanging in the boy’s room. She internally cursed seeing that there was only 30 minutes before the church service began. 

"Mama, we’re back!" called out Panya, the second eldest. "Appa was trying to buy an ugly cake plate but I made sure to get the nicest one there!"

"Aye now, the one I picked was pretty," came a smooth gravely.

"Yeah, pretty ugly."

The smart reply brought out a chuckle from Melissa as she took both boys’ hands walking downstairs to meet the new arrivals.

"Mama, look at the cake plate!" Panya shoved the still packaged dessert ware into Melissa’s hands before she could even reach the bottom landing.

"Yah, be careful, Ya-Ya! That was $15 too much for just putting cakes on," Yongguk’s gruff voice ended with a slight whine. "Yeobo, your daughter here should be a wrestler the way she twisted my arm to buy that."

Melissa rolled her eyes at her husband’s whining. “Really, Yongguk, you whine worse than JungSu.”

"Hey what’s that s’ppose to mean!?" both Yongguk and JungSu whined simultaneously. Panya giggled as she sat on a high stool, fingers playing with the flowers on her yellow cotton dress, watching her mother pull out the cake plate from its wrapper then place the cooled strawberry shortcake on top of the crystal surface. Melissa covered the whipped cream covered confection with matching cover and smiled in satisfaction. She glanced down at the diamond and leather watch Yongguk bought her for their 7th anniversary and gasp. 

"We only have 20 minutes to get to the church!" Melissa cried out as she busily tidied up the kitchen. "Yongguk, can you please get your stubborn mini me to dress up while I put these cakes in the car?"

"Roger that, commander!" Yongguk gave a fake salute accompanied by his trademark gummy smile.

"We want to help!" shouted JungHee and JungSu excitedly.

"All right soldiers, mission ‘Get Leah dressed and still be on time so Bishop Towney won’t get angry at us for being late again’ starts" Yongguk took a head start up the stairs before he finished the sentence with giggling boys right behind him. 

"Okay, Ya-Ya, you think you can help load these cakes in the car, real quick?" 

"Sure, it’s only 6 cakes. We can get it down in 5 minutes, easy." Panya confidently said, carefully taking hold of one of the cake plates and quickly making her way to the door.

Just like Panya predicated all the cakes were loaded up under 5 minutes. Melissa was about to call for Yongguk when the three young men came bumbling down the stairs with a sulking Leah in tow. Melissa could not help but smirk a little, looking at Leah in her light purple cotton dress with matching shrug until she stopped at her daughter’s feet hidden in black converse sneakers.

Yongguk stopped her before she could say a word. “Yeobo,” Yongguk whispered, “just let it go. All that matters is she’s dressed so come on ya’ll, let’s get going” he said the last part louder for the rest of the family to hear.

Melissa gave one last glance at the converse, clicking her tongue in disapproval and ignoring the slight smug face Leah was trying to hide before heading out the front door.

The family of six piled up into a black SUV, thankfully buckling up, before Melissa pushed the peddle to the metal arriving at the Best Absolute Power of the Most High Baptists Church with just minutes to spare. 

"Honey, take the kids over to the Sunday school while I park under a shady spot," instructed Melissa. "There’s not time to bring the cakes in until after the service."

Melissa slide into the the empty pew spot next to Yongguk just as Deacon Siwon called the congregation to stand for the opening service. She felt the eyes of Bishop Towney on her but she refused to look over concentrating on the Deacon’s words. She started a bit when she felt hands lace with hers and a soft deep voice murmur under breath, “See, we made it on time, so relax.” 

She chuckled a bit but quickly covered it with a laugh when a church Elder Houston with a enormous hat gave her a look of disapproval. She let out a sigh of relief and squeezed Yongguk’s hand, receiving a quick squeeze back. They both turned their focus back to the mass as the choir began to sing. 

He’s Alive (and I know it)

Jesus died (Jesus died)

And He rose again (And He rose again)

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Me and Yongguk (or Youngjae)

Me & Yongguk (or Youngjae)

Block B comeback next week


Hood Boy Suga the type to fuck with his Jordans still on

Hood Boy Suga the type to laugh when he fucks you so hard you slip off the bed

Hood Boy Suga the type to try and convince you to let him record

Hood Boy Suga the type to scream WORLDSTAR!

Hood Boy Suga the type to fight you if you step on his new kicks

Hood Boy Suga the type to get that new purple candy paint job and leather interior called Cookies N Cream

Hood Boy Suga got her yelling out “Paint Me!”

Hood Boy Suga the type to roll with 20 goons deep


Sometimes I wonder if people actually ship me with DaeHyun because they think we’d actually make a good couple or just shipping because he is my ultimate bias and being nice.

I wonder if people ship me someone else secretly and just won’t tell me, I would like to know (With reason if they have one)

I ship you two b/c I can actually see you as a couple in real life (I want it to happen so badly)


32-35/50 moments when Bang Yon...g....g.....u...k......n.....o..

Lol the third gif though


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